Mechanical Coverage for Collector Cars

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We protect Muscle cars, American classics, Prewar, Antique, Trucks, Jeeps, Restomods, Customs, Street rods, Corvettes, and More!

What is Covered?

We will pay or reimburse You for Reasonable Costs to repair or replace any Breakdown of a mechanical part listed below (Covered Parts), less any Deductibles You are required to pay. Replacement parts may be new, remanufactured or used parts, at Our sole discretion.

  • ENGINE: All internally lubricated parts, to include Pistons, Piston Rings and Pins; Crankshaft and Main Bearings; Timing Chain and Timing Gears; Cam Belt; Intake and Exhaust Valves; Valve Springs; Guides; Push Rods; Rocker Arms; Hydraulic Lifters; Rocker Arm Shafts; Oil Pump, Engine Mounts. The Engine Block, Cylinder Barrel(s) and Head(s) are covered if damaged by an internally lubricated part specified above. Rotary Engine: Rotors; Rotor Chamber; Eccentric Shaft and Bearings and all other internal parts of a Rotary Engine.
  • TURBO/SUPER-CHARGER: All internally lubricated parts and housing. Provided the Surcharge is paid for and the box checked.
  • TRANSMISSION (AUTOMATIC): All internally lubricated parts including Clutches, Bands, Pump, Drums, Vacuum Modulator, Electronic Shift Control Unit, Transmission Mounts, Valve Body and Torque Converter. Transmission Case only if damaged by an internally lubricated part.
  • TRANSMISSION (STANDARD): All internally lubricated parts including Main Shaft, Counter Shaft, All Gears, Input Shaft, Synchronizers, Transmission Mounts, Shift Rails and Shift Fork Bearings. Housing is only covered when damaged by an internally lubricated part.
  • TRANSFER CASE: All internally lubricated parts; 4WD/AWD Locking Hubs. Provided the Surcharge is paid for and the box checked.
  • FRONT AND REAR WHEEL DRIVE: All internal parts of Final Drive Housing. Constant Velocity Joints; Universal Joints; Drive Shafts, Center Support Bearings. Housing also covered if failure due to above parts.
  • ELECTRICAL: Alternator, Starter, Wiper Motors, HVAC Blower Motor and Fuel Pump.
  • COOLING SYSTEM: Water Pump and Radiator.
  • BRAKES: Master Cylinder, Calipers and Wheel Cylinders.
  • STEERING: Power Steering Pump and Rack & Pinion.
  • TOWING: In the event of a repair covered by this CARE+ PROTECTION PLAN, We will reimburse Your receipted expenses not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300.00).

Filters, Lubricants, Coolants, Fluids, Refrigerants, Seals and Gaskets may be covered if replacement is required in connection with a Breakdown.

** This is not a contract. Please refer to the applicable contract for specific terms and conditions. **

CARE+ was created with you in mind!

LProtect your passion with confidence – vehicles from 1920 until today.

LNobody CARES for your vehicle like you do, until now!

CARE+ Mechanical Coverage for Corvettes


A Roadside program designed for collectors & enthusiasts on the go!

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Get the CARE you’ve always wanted! It’s not a question of whether you will need car repairs, it’s only a question of when. Find out how affordable it is to eliminate the expense of mechanical repairs.
Protect your wallet, protect your passion with CARE+ .
from $49/month*

CARE+ offers great powertrain coverage at a price that is affordable and fair. No high pressure, no slick promises. Just good coverage!

CARE+ Mechanical Coverage for Mustangs

Old cars have old car problems.
Let CARE+ handle it!

It’s important to have mechanical coverage for your classic. Warranties for sound systems, electrical components, and other aspects of the vehicle may sound good, but they pale in comparison to the costs associated with repairing or replacing powertrain components.

As low as $49/month*

Why You Need an Extended Warranty

CARE+ Mechanical Breakdown Protection covers your Powertrain, including the engine, transmission, drive axle.
CARE+ is designed to provide peace of mind for our customers. Besides routine maintenance, insurance, registration, and other costs associated with owning your classic or collector car, mechanical repairs are expensive. Let us help!




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Repair bills add up! Find out how to protect yourself from unexpected expenses.
from $49/month*
Flatbed Towing Benefit

$300 Flatbed Towing Benefit

Get the CARE your car deserves! The ONLY mechanical breakdown protection available with a $300 flatbed towing benefit. Make sure your vehicle is CARED for, call or email us today for more information.


A Roadside program designed for collectors & enthusiasts on the go!

What else is in your garage?

CARE+ powertrain coverage for your daily vehicle

We may have a plan to cover your daily vehicle as well as your weekend passion…

If you’re like us, you’re passionate about all the vehicles in your garage. That’s why we have coverage to CARE for them also.

About Us

Why CARE+ was created

After 28 years of running a successful agency and administration business, founder and CEO Wendy Kreps Peterson saw a niche market that had been untouched by the service contract industry. A research and development team was orchestrated and dedicated to figuring out how we could cater to this market, how we could meet a demand that has been sought after for years.

After surveying the market we realized several things, but two were most prominent. First, there are no coverage options for collector or classic cars in the market right now. And second, the recurring notion of “How could that be possible? There’s no way that kind of product could be realistic.”

Well, we are here to tell you YES, IT’S TRUE! We are thrilled to bring to this unique market a coverage to protect your passion, all the way back to 1920! You have been asking for it and we heard you. With over a century of combined experience in the car industry, our team is here for you. We understand the questions that pop up when presented with a product that has never existed before. We get it. We do service contracts (extended warranties) and that’s all we do. Bringing reliable protection and the best there is to offer. If you want to call us to talk about it, do it! Call us, email us, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Nobody cares for your vehicle(s) like you do, until now. CARE+ was formed with the car enthusiast in mind. And if you’re like us, that’s you. Protect your wallet, protect your passion, with CARE+ .

We’re car people, just like you.

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Call us with questions, or to get a quote!


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CARE+ Mechanical Coverage for Collector Cars
CARE+ Powertrain Warranties for Classic Cars
* Payments as low as $48.50/month with a 50% down payment, 0% interest 12 month payment plan for the 2 year/Unlimited Mileage Coverage Option